RCS Patches for Cygwin

This patch allows RCS to correctly handle the different end-of-line formats for DOS and Linux files, under both Linux and Cygwin. This patch is for the RCS source from the official RCS home page for RCS version 5.7.

The patch for Cygwin's patched RCS version 5.7-2 is no longer needed, since version 5.7-3 now includes these changes.

Under Cygwin, RCS will work in directories mounted as text or binary, but you must make sure the mount style of your temporary directory matches the mount style of your working directory.

Apply the patch in the RCS source directory with this command:

    patch -Np1 < patch-rcs-5.7-for-cygwin-2.diff

Note: Please thoroughly test the resulting programs yourself before you put them to use! I have tried my best not to break anything, but I can't make any guarantees.

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