picp Patch for Cygwin

picp is a GNU/Linux-based command-line interface to Microchip's PIC programmer PICSTART Plus Programmer.

First, have a look at Nathan Holms's web page for a patch and binary that he has built for picp under Cygwin, http://www.drgw.net/~maverick/software/index.html.

Here's my patch, but it is now out of date:

This patch mainly adds Cygwin support to picp version 0.4d. I have been using the patched version under cygwin-1.3.10-1. This patch also adds support for the PIC16C745 and PIC16C765 processors, extends an internal buffer allowing for programs of up to 64K words of ROM, and increases the timeout value when checking the blank status.

Apply the patch in the picp source directory with the command:

    patch -Np1 < patch-picp04d-cygwin.diff
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elsediff patch-picp04d-cygwin.diff 5.5 K 03 Jan 2003 - 00:00 Patch that allows picp to work under Cygwin
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