Bigloo Patches

I have used the Bigloo Scheme compiler on a number of projects.

Under Windows, I use a modified version of the native Windows distribution of Bigloo with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler as the back end. In the process, I have accumulated a few patches.

You can browse the patches here. They are described below.

Table of Contents

elong Fix

Bigloo 2.8c has a bug in its implementation of the elong and llong types on non-gcc compilers. You can read about it in this thread:

The patch named bigloo2.8c-msvc-elong-fix.patch fixes the elong type. The fix for llong would proceed in a similar fashion to the elong fix, though I don't provide one here.

string-index Modification

The string-index function as implemented in Bigloo 2.8c does not conform to SRFI 13. You can read about it in this thread:

The patch named bigloo2.8c-string-index-mod.patch changes string-index to return #f when no match is found.

current-thread Modification

In Bigloo 2.8c, calling the current-thread function from the main thread leads to a crash.

The patch named bigloo2.8c-current-thread-mod.patch adds a dynamic environment for the main thread so current-thread can be called from it.

mutex-lock!, mutex-unlock!, and condition-variable-wait! Modifications

In Bigloo 2.8c, the mutex-lock! and the condition-variable-wait! functions do not wait indefinitely when no timeout is given, and the mutex-unlock! function does not take the optional condition variable and timeout arguments as specified in SRFI 18.

The patch named bigloo2.8c-mutex-and-condition-variable-mod.patch changes mutex-lock! and the condition-variable-wait! to wait indefinitely when no timeout is given and adds to mutex-unlock! support for the optional condition variable and timeout arguments.

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