Chapter 2

Build and Installation

To build and install the AVR Threads Library, you need to have already installed the AVR GCC cross-compiler.

2.1  Build

To install the AVR Threads Library, unpack the source tree. If you downloaded the *.tgz version, you can do this with the following command:

  tar -xzf threads-1.3-src.tgz

Next, change directory to the head of the source tree that was just unpacked and run the make command:

  $ cd threads-1.3
  $ make

This should build the AVR Threads Library for all the supported AVR microcontrollers.

2.2  Installation

Once the libraries have been successfully built, you need to install the library components to a location where the AVR GCC compiler can find them.

The default installation directory prefix is /usr/local. If you wish to change this, you will have to edit the src/Makefile file in the source tree. In the Makefile, you’ll find a line that looks like this:

  prefix = /usr/local

Change this line to desired directory prefix. For example, if you’re using WinAVR , you will need to change this this point to where WinAVR has been installed. For example, if WinAVR has been installed in c:\WinAVR, then change the prefix line to this:

  prefix = c:/WinAVR

Finally, from the head of the source tree, or from the src directory, run this:

  $ make install